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Standard size specimens

Standard Size Specimens and Advanced Weld Flaws

Advanced weld flaw evaluation

Standard Flawed Specimens are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of all known internationally recognized Qualification Programs.

Advanced training and practice prior to qualifications on:

  • Realistic size welds
  • Common weld geometries

Sonaspection flawed specimens are available either individually or in sets.

Individual specimens

Contain three different flaw types and are:

  • All different sizes
  • Uniquely numbered
  • Supplied with NDE reports
  • Supplied with acceptance/rejection criteria
Recommended sets

  • Contain a selection of individual specimens as above, with an average of three flaws per specimen
  • Contain at least one example of each flaw type listed in the flaw table
  • Contain a minimum total weld length of 360cm (144") 
Custom sets

Are manufactured specifically for recognised qualification schemes - for example ASNT ACCP and API 

For Level II training, practice and qualification ie ACCP, ASNT-TC-lA, PCN, EN473, API and others