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Dissimilar Welds 

Dissimilar weld specimens are one of the most difficult welded specimens to produce. They are also one of the most challenging to examine with ultrasound.

Sonaspection Dissimilar Welds 

Sonaspection have developed procedures to overcome these challenges and produce high quality specimens with accurate flaws

We have both the experience and capability to design and manufacture either individual or a set of specimens, which are customised to your specific requirements.

The specimens provide:

  • Specialist training and qualifications (Performance Demonstrations)
  • Flaw detection
  • Flaw sizing
  • Complex weld geometries
  • Exotic materials
  • Equipment, procedure and personnel

Dissimilar welds specimens are uniquely numbered and supplied with:

  • As built CAD drawing
  • Flaw size statement
  • Inspection reports (optional)
  • Flaw photographs (optional)
  • Flaw Tracings (optional)
  • Material Certificates (optional)
  • Certificate of conformance